Life Lessons We Can Learn From Geniuses

Our new series “Behind the Minds of Geniuses” will take you inside the minds of people who are defying the norms to make the impossible possible. Whether it is discovering gravity and eventually conceptualizing Newtonian physics, or to discovering and experimenting with radioactive decay, or to win the Nobel Prize for making great contributions to the physics community through the theory of relativity. These men and women have raised the knowledge to new heights for the benefit of the entire human race.

So what can we learn about the genius from these minds aside from their triumphant academic careers? Well, many of these geniuses were exceptional teachers not only to the confines of the classroom or laboratories, but as well as to the globe.

Many of these men and women have demonstrated exemplary behaviour in their life journeys. Their actions were indeed immortal and superior and can provide us with many insights on how to not just lead a life of success, but also a life of value and contribution.

For this above life contributions, everybody ought to remember at least 10 quotes from each of this genius, which bring forth valuable lessons about life.


Albert Einstein (IQ:190)

German-Born physicist Albert Einstein is not only known as the father of modern medicine but as a pioneer in the field of mathematics and physics. He was an exceptionally gifted man, with an estimated IQ of 190. Some say that his IQ was even 205. The IQ of an average person is around 90-110 and anyone with an IQ above the 130 range is considered to be a gifted individual.

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Plato (IQ: 180)

The founder of the first institute for higher education in the West, Plato was born in the year 428 BC.

Having belonged to an influential family, the classical philosopher is described by many as one of the greatest writers on philosophical theories in the history of mankind.

Plato loved to study and worked hard it from a young age, absorbing everything he learned and reflecting on it.

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Judit Polgar (IQ:170)

They say she is the best female chess player of all time, having become a grandmaster at the tender age of 15, making her the youngest in history to achieve that title.

It is estimated that Judit Polgar has an astounding IQ of 170. This Hungarian chess champion, born in 1976, starting winning chess games against adults at the age of 5. They say she once defeated an adult family friend at chess without even looking at the board.

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William Shakespeare (IQ: 210)

When we hear the words, greatest English writer, most of us think of William Shakespeare. After all, who does not know of Romeo and Juliet, or Hamlet?

Shakespeare, born in 1564 was a poet, writer, playwright and actor. Even though he was not appreciated during his lifetime, presently there are few who do not know of him.

It is estimated that Shakespeare had an IQ of a staggering 210 compared to the normal person’s IQ of 110.

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Confucius (IQ: 170)

IQ tests were not available during the time of birth of Confucius in 551 BC., but it is estimated that this ancient Chinese philosopher possessed an IQ of at least 170. The regular person’s IQ is 90-110 so it’s easy to see why this elder was so accomplished.

Confucius was a philosopher, teacher and politician in ancient China who created many social and political ideals that are still applicable today.

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Marie Curie (IQ: 180 )

Marie Curie was a woman of firsts. She was a pioneer. Born in 1867 to Polish parents, Marie Curie was the first woman to teach as professor in the University of Paris, and also the first woman to win a Nobel Prize for her work in the field of radioactivity. Even the now commonplace term “radioactivity” was coined by Curie.

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Garry Kasparov (IQ: 190)

Garry Kasparov is considered as one of the top ten smartest people alive today. With an IQ of 190, Kasparov is a Russian Chess Grandmaster.

Kasparov is the youngest ever World Chess Champion winning the title in 1985 when he was only 22. Now 51, Kasparov has the most consecutive chess wins in history, and ranked no. 1 for 225 months out of the 228 months that he played.

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Isaac Newton (IQ: 195)

He was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity. We all know the story. But did you know that Isaac Newton was a part of the scientific revolution?

Born in 1642, Sir Isaac Newton was the co-developer of calculus. In addition to his work in mathematics, optics, theory of colors and gravity, Newton derived the famous laws of motion and also proved that the Earth does actually revolve around the sun and is not the centre of the universe.

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Leonardo Da Vinci (IQ: 220)

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of those historical people who do not need much introduction. Everyone seems to know him as the painter of the world-famous Mona Lisa. What most don’t know is that this Italian born in 1452 was what they call a polymath, which basically means he was a person with a wide variety of skills, knowledge and wisdom.

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Nikola Tesla (IQ: 200)

Until a few years ago, the name Nikola Tesla was barely known, but as the internet grew so too did the story of this Serbian-born American scientist who was born in 1856. Tesla was a scientist, physicist, mechanical engineer and electric engineer, but what describes him most accurately is that he was a futurist.

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