Brain Fitness Programs

This page contains a collection of quality cognitive enhancement products, professionally assembled by our research team. The products were divided into categories and rated according to their perceived effectiveness. to find out more about our rating methods -Click Here

Recommended by Brain-Guide’s Team:

Become Second To None!

Result oriented brain training E-product. Tailored for high achievers. Shows how you can Become your best by maximizing your brainpower. Easy to use, very effective.Click Here Top notch*

Brain Training Games by Lumosity

Lumosity is designed by some of the leading experts in neuroscience and cognitive psychology from Stanford and USCF. This program has shown to improve basic cognitive functions in randomized, controlled, clinical trials. Click Here.  Effective*

My Brain Trainer NEW!

Here’s an excellent website that offers quality brain training products and services, mostly computerized and online. Training your brain online is a great option for efficiency seekers and busy people. You can do it everywhere. Recommended. Click Here. Top-Notch*

Mind Fit – Brain Fitness
by Cognifit

This software challenges you with exercises that will improve your short-term memory, reaction time, memory recall, eye-hand coordination and etc.Click Here. Effective*

The Brain Fitness Catalogue, by rmlearning. 

The following computer software programs take advantage of the plasticity factor of the brain, a term that scientists use to describe the brain’s ability to constantly change its structure and function in response to experiences coming in from the exterior surroundings. Click Here  Effective*