Brain Improvement

Our Brains are not prepared enough for the Informational revolution. Watch this video to understand why…

Having that said.. How can WE improve our brain function, making it able to process these never ending streams of information…?

Getting the Facts

Brain training is vital, brain improvement is optimal. An individual with an untrained mind is like a car with a lousy driver inside, Moreover, The process of aging tends to slow us down too – so it goes clear that the combination of cognitive stagnation and aging is quite destructive.

Is there any hope? -Apparently yes. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Masses of new studies in the neurosciences (Neurology, Neurobiology and Cognitive psychology) are suggesting that we can interfere with this tendency and improve our brain function significantly at any age, currently excluding pathological mental disorders such as depression, Alzheimer disease and severe head trauma.

Cognitive training, sometimes called “mental exercise” is a process in which we put some strain on the cognitive areas in our nervous system in order to rewire and strengthen neural-networks. Mental exercise is a huge contributor to our well being and mental state. Building a mind that functions better can have substantial consequences on our everyday life and reality.

How to start a brain improvement process?

Physically, brain improvement is a process that involves rewiring neural networks and strengthening synapses. The first few steps we should take in order to improve our brain are physical:

1. Sleep 7-8 hours a night.

2. Keep a healthy, balanced diet.

3. Engage in a routine strenuous physical activity.

These are the basics. Keeping our body fit and healthy is fundamental. Assuming a stable physical state, we can move on to the higher ranks of improvement – increasing our mental capacities.

Every choice we make, and every move we take influences our brain. This principle derives from our brain’s plasticity: The ability of our nervous system to change in response to experience. In other words, the key to reshaping and improving our brain is to plan our future experiences in accordance to our personal goals.

Every individual has a slightly different goal list, but most of us, regardless of our personal situation would like to be more productive, have a stronger memory, be sharper, more focused and calm. These traits our universal. Other traits that most people want are: creativity, acuity, retaining more knowledge, improve learning curve, read faster, and make better decisions. Here are some suggestions on how to begin our brain improvement process:

1. Start a daily log –

Take 5 minutes a day, every morning or evening to reflect your thoughts on paper. Don’t censor yourself, just let the words flow without any barriers. After you’re done – read what you have written and write a short summery of your thoughts.

2. Keep a Goal Notebook –

Every morning and every night, write down your 3 most important goals in your Goal Notebook. Break every goal into 3 tasks to be accomplished and add a deadline. Don’t use this notebook for urgent tasks that are not relevant to your 3 definite goals. Leave the urgent daily hassles written on your Cell phone, outlook (and similar) or diary. Don’t forget to do this every day, twice. Once a goal is accomplished, fill your list with another. You must always have 3 major definite goal waiting.

3. Learn how REALLY LEARN