What Helps You Increase Brain Power? Game Shows!

Are you a Jeopardy junkie? Do you watch Cash Cab? Are you curious to see Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? If you watch any of these game shows, then you may be improving your self-confidence and brain power with the constant testing of trivia. Game shows that test your knowledge by asking questions (or that make you ask the questions) are an excellent way to keep your brain stimulated, helping you improve your memory.

Fighting age with memory games

As we age, our brain power slows down and loses processing speed. Without a good way to keep your brain fully functioning, you could become sluggish, lose concentration, and feel confused often. Your brain power is not an element that remains at a consistent level. It needs continual work to stay in shape, or like a body without exercise, it becomes flabby and weak.

When you watch a game show that tests your knowledge, you fire up your brain power by concentrating and focusing. You flex your mind muscles by practicing retrieval of information stored in your brain. You may not think you know certain subjects, but you may be surprised at how much information your brain actually stores. And with the right memory exercises that practice retrieval of information, you can keep your brain power at its maximum.

Mood and memory

Simply trying to remember facts and trivia is not the only function of brain power and mental fitness. Your mood plays a big part in how effectively your brain power works. Your brain power functions at its peak when your emotions are elevated and your focus is heightened.

When you sit down to watch a game show, you learn to drown out distractions and focus on the host who asks questions. You want to know the answer. Your brain is ready to fire on all cylinders. That heightened sense of competition, even if it is self-imposed, along with the stakes of watching someone win (or lose) money, is the right mood elevator that keeps your synapses working efficiently. In fact, this entire environment can even form new synaptic connectivity.

Brain workout

The routine you make by exercising your brain muscles with a trivia game show is part of keeping your brain power functioning properly and continuously improving. Just as you need to have an exercise routine for keeping your body in shape, your mind fitness needs testing and routines to stay sharp.

Try to keep a routine about watching your favorite trivia game show. If it’s not possible to watch on a consistent basis, use your computer to find a trivial website where you can test and flex your brain power on a regular routine.

Your memory is only good if you use it. Testing your memory is the only way to ensure that your mind stays focused and clear. Become a regular viewer of competitive trivial game shows and you flex your mental muscles to build your brain power.