The Link Between Brain Fitness and Self-Esteem

When they say that improving your self-esteem is “all in the mind,” they mean it quite literally. A connection has been established between keeping your brain fit and developing self-confidence. This is easy to understand, as motivation can power the mind to great lengths. One of these tasks is powering self-esteem en route to achieving greater things.

Dealing with low self-esteem

While most experts would differ on how they would go about curbing self-esteem issues, all of them agree that low self-esteem stems from the inside and is indicative of how one’s brain functions. Granted, all this might sound “easier said than done.” As with most things, knowing is half the battle. Once you accept the fact that low self-esteem is a result of an unhealthy mindset, only then can you start solving the problem.

Most self-esteem issues date back to childhood when the brain and thought process are severely vulnerable and prone to pressure. Coming into terms with this fact and realizing that you have more control over how your brain functions today should make changing your outlook a lot easier.

The crucial link

According to experts, improving your self-esteem starts with controlling your state of mind and rewiring your thought process. You can do this consciously by thinking positively about things. But you need to be realistic. When things are in the dumps and self-improvement is the farthest thing from your mind, seeing the glass as half-full becomes a daunting task. Moreover, when low self-esteem is rooted deep in your subconscious, it becomes even more difficult.

However, there is no other way to start if you are serious about battling issues in developing your self-confidence. Genuinely believing that your worth as a person is much more than what you give yourself credit for is the first step in confronting your inner demons. Personal development truly starts from within.

This is where brain fitness becomes crucial. An unhealthy mind is bound to churn out unhealthy thoughts; a healthy brain will just as easily come up with more positive results. The best way to start any task is with utmost enthusiasm. And the more control over your brain that you have, the easier it is to command your mind to think better things. When you practice thinking positively towards the future, it will slowly become your default mindset. More often than not, anxiety and angst are induced by your own thoughts.

If you keep your mind healthy by keeping it constantly alert, trying out different things, and stimulating brain functions in general, it is easier to combat low self-esteem. Keeping your mind challenged through a variety of mind exercise should be a good start.

Of course, this is but the first step. Equipping yourself with the correct attitude is a long process; be sure to have your brain in prime shape to give you leverage in the fight.