Keeping it fit! /Dr. Nigel Sellick

Contemporary Research has given us new ideas about the capacity of our brain to grow and change. Just a while ago, conventional wisdom said that the brain was doomed to deteriorate and atrophy once we’re 30 something.

That perception has been broken by recent discoveries which indicate that the human brain can grow new neurons throughout our lives, and that the human brain is a very plastic and malleable organ.

In fact, there is a growing demand for the right kind of exercise for the strengthening of minds – And a brand new emerging supply of brain sharpening solutions, also known as “brain fitness programs”.

While there are real evidence about individual changes from brain fitness programs, ranging from simple (crosswords and puzzles) to high tech (online programs you can subscribe to), it is not clear whether the results achieved from the various programs, can be generalized scientifically to give a solid recommendation.

The scientists are being careful in that regard, but the market isn’t: There seems to be an explosion of programs about brain fitness and the copy write content is playing on our doubts and fears from brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

What To Look For In A Brain Fitness Program?

1. Regular Aerobic Exercise.
2. Stress Reduction.
3. Proper Nutrition.
4. Challenging brain exercises of all sorts.

High Tech Brain Fitness Programs

You can find these online to subscribe to, or to buy and install on your home computer for your own use. My List of best programs include Lumosity’s Online Brain Fitness Program and BSTN.