Biofeedback as Precursor to Brain Fitness

Who hasn’t undergone stress lately. Working multiple jobs trying to make ends meet or sorting out through complicated relationships, the modern lifestyle of most people is prone to inducing stress and anxiety. While advances in medicine have made some things better, the costs associated with health care can be prohibitive, and drugs cannot be readily trusted to make our worries go away. This is where biofeedback provides an interesting alternative.

Mind over matter through biofeedback

Biofeedback is an alternative therapy that makes use of electronic equipment to monitor your physical and mental responses to stress. It examines your blood pressure, muscle tension, and brainwave turbulence to give appropriate feedback on how your body copes with anxiety. The principle behind it is that once you know what triggers individual stress, then you can figure out the ways to control and balance the way it affects you.

This method does not rely on any medication that may be detrimental to you down the line. Tests reveal that biofeedback significantly reduces symptoms of stress. With enough practice, you will learn how to relax quickly by controlling how your body responds to certain stimuli. It increases the role of brain fitness in altering your behavior and making it work to your benefit. It increases the control you have over your brain. Once you have your brain in check, your body will follow.

Benefits of biofeedback

Proponents of biofeedback believe that 10 sessions of biofeedback will benefit virtually everyone, as it improves sleep, mental focus, memory, and emotional health. It has a wide range of specific advantages that go beyond brain fitness. It helps people who have undergone seizures, migraine, or a traumatic brain injury. For people with a less than healthy lifestyle, it can help in battling drug and alcohol abuse, history of criminal acts, and eating disorders. It can even do something about obesity, diabetes, and depression combined with appropriate treatment.

Biofeedback has this wide range of application because it deals with the central nervous system, which generally operates the body.

A follow-up to biofeedback

After consulting with a professional, you have the option of bringing home biofeedback units to continue enjoying its benefits. Apart from this, experts recommend that biofeedback therapy be combined with a more long-term brain training program to increase its effectiveness especially for older patients. This need not be grand. Simple brain training exercises, such as answering crossword puzzles or reading, will do the trick. A healthy brain is more attuned to biofeedback than one that is rusty from non-use.